Living Essence Audio Series 2

Nevada City, CA: Living Essence Foundation, 1998

Price: $14.95

Included on this CD are two guided meditations: The Heart Meditation and The Beloved.

The Heart Meditation guides you through the most important practice of the Living Essence Work, used for hundreds of years in the Vajrayana Dzogchen school of Tibetan Buddhism. In this meditation you learn to absorb all thought, feeling and sensation back into the True Heart: empty of form, rich in Love. From this absorbing you are guided to experience a blessing and radiating from the Heart into all of creation. Those who have used advance copies of the tape say that it is extraordinary, and that the effects of the meditation last throughout the rest of the day.

The Beloved allows you to experience inside yourself the energy which is usually projected outside as the search for romantic love. When we discover the beloved as the perfume of our own heart, it takes the pressure off the outside world to fufill our needs. Instead of being a small person needing to be loved, we become the vibrant source of love itself.

Voice by Arjuna Ardagh. Music by Constance Demby.

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