Arjuna ArdaghHi. This is Arjuna Ardagh. Today I want to share with you something extremely personal and intimate about myself, more as a friend than as a writer or teacher (which are my day jobs!). I am writing this today as a publicly available letter because so many friends have been asking me to come out of the closet about this topic, that I’ve decided that it is in everybody’s best interest that I do so. Right now.

Ready? Here we go.

So here is my story…

Ursula KauerOver the several years, I have been witnessing a gradual deterioration of my health. It reached the point that about a year ago, in the winter of 2011/2012, I had no energy left at all. I had all the symptoms of exhaustion. People my age, (mid-50s) said “Yeah, I know what you mean, I’ve got that too,” as though it was a normal way to live. I popped a lot of pills, but nothing was really, finally kicking it.


In March of last year something started to shift for me.Today I feel like I have the energy and the health of somebody in their mid 30s. I wake up in the morning enthusiastic about the day. I sleep really well at night, and I feel like my health is getting better everyday.

So many of my friends have remarked on how much younger I look, how much energy I’ve got, and how much more creative I am. Many people have asked me what happened. I discovered that I didn’t really have a precise answer! But the better I felt, the more I gained the confidence to pass some of what has shifted for me on to my coaching clients and friends. Low and behold, they all got better too! So now, today, I have decided to pass something magic on so we can all make the same quantum leap in health together at the same time.

The Catch 22 of these times



Ursula KauerWhen coaching clients and students talk to me about their health and their body, it often follows a similar pattern.They say things like:


:: My body feels run down
:: I don’t sleep well, and I wake up still tired.
:: I have low energy.
:: I experience irrational feelings of anxiety.
:: I have real physical symptoms, especially digestive difficulties.
:: I get sick more often than I want to.
:: I guess I know some of what I need to do about this, but I’m just not doing


The same people also say:

:: I know that my lifestyle is, in part, causing this imbalance in the
:: I’m too busy, and I know it causes stress.
:: I’ve got a lot of challenges, like I travel a lot.
:: I can’t really afford to take a rest, to take time off, to slow down.
:: I can’t afford to buy lots of supplements and go and see alternative healers.
People feel depleted, financially and energetically, and so their lifestyle is both the result of and the cause of feeling burned out.

It’s a catch 22:

“I have to keep going to maintain my life as it is”


“pushing through is actually making me feel worse,”
“and the worse I feel, the more difficult it is to push

The big breakthrough for me, that started last spring, was to recognize that I didn’t have “a condition.” What I didn’t realize was that it was the relationship with the body that was out of balance. I came to discover that many intelligent, creative and “spiritually-oriented” people have the exact same thing going on.

Wanna try something new?

Word on the street is that we are facing a difficult economy, and that life is speeding up.

But still, at the same time, many people today are discovering something new.

This requires a fundamentally shifted relationship to understanding what a body is, what its needs are, what its rhythms are, and who “you” are, that is in relationship with the body.
I want to offer you, in a condensed way that you can easily integrate into your life, a transformed relationship to your own body and your own health.

Now I know, from my own experience as well as from many inspiring people, that it is possible to:

:: have a relationship with your body that rejuvenates instead of depletes.
:: learn how to “listen to” the language of the body and its needs
:: recognize and identify habits that are disrespectful to the body and let them go.
:: create more incredible things by doing less
:: have a life where you don’t worry about money

:: know when it is time to put your engine into 5th
, and also when it is time to stop,
:: have sustained sexual energy, that becomes a mode of healing
:: feel whole body pleasure, like an orgasm in every cell
:: create a rejuvenative lifestyle without having to take a huge break from your life.
:: know for sure that your health is improving every day

Let me level with you

If you know me, you know it is super important to me to be honest and authentic in everything that I do. I really do not like marketing.

But I am excited about this conversation. I want to come clean with you and say:


#1 I’m not a doctor, I am not trained to treat or cure or diagnose disease. As an Awakening Coach, I help you to recognize that you are not the body, you are consciousness.


# 2 I can offer you an invitation. I cannot take responsibility for the relationship you have with your body, but you can. I can show you how to adopt certain practices, but it is your responsibility to adopt them.

The 21 day quantum shift

So here is my invitation. I am going to offer a 21 day course, to invite you to totally re-invent the way you experience your body.

:: I will share with you all I have discovered about how to transform your relationship with this sweet animal.
:: I will introduce you to the most significant healers and experts I have encountered.
:: I will offer you specific practices and simple changes in life style that can make huge differences in how you feel.
:: I will share with you simple changes you can bring in your diet, very easy to integrate and very inexpensive, that make a huge difference.
:: I will show you simple exercises for how to get more vital energy flowing through your body.
:: I will share with you the essential information about which rejuvinative practices that are more suitable for men and for women.
:: I’ll share the 7 essential tips for how to get a great nights sleep.
::I will introduce you to a world renowned expert who will show you how to recognize your body type, and that what might be “healthy” for one person may not be the same for you, and vica versa.


If you join me for 21 days of honoring the body, and if you are willing to learn and integrate some simple changes into your life, you can expect to:

:: experience greater energy and aliveness day-by-day.
:: sleep more soundly and wake up more rested.
:: feel more excited and optimistic about your day.
:: know how to keep your energy topped up rather than depleted.
:: have greater clarity about what is specifically right for your body.
:: experience greater sexual energy, and know how to flow it through your whole body.
:: have more energy and more enthusiasm to give your gift, making a difference.
:: learn the language of the body, become fluent in ‘‘human.’’
:: enjoy a cooperative partner in this physical animal, so it can support you.

I can’t wait to introduce you to these amazing people!


Over the last nine months I have been touched by some truly incredible people. They have not only helped me enormously, but I have shared them all with friends and coaching clients, and they get five star reviews every time.

Dr. John Gray – Many of you know John as a relationship expert. He wrote the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. For the last 15 years, because of a health crisis of his own, almost all of his attention has gone into healing and achieving perfect health. He has become an incredibly profound expert on this. His latest book, Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice is really all about the differences between what releases stress in the male and female body. I will introduce you to John in a live dialog.

Laurence Hoppis – Lawrence is a very profound healer and has a very deep understanding and expertise on the physiology and the biochemistry of stress. His insight and understanding of the healing process is unparalleled, in my experience. Lawrence will dialog with you over the phone, and also offer all 21 day participants a discount on his services.

Dr. Chuni Lynn – Chunyi is probably one of the greatest long-distance healers I have every known. I have literally witnessed miracles with him, for myself and for others. He is a third generation Taoist healer and Qi Gong master. He will share the secrets of rejuvenating Chi, and also do live healings over the phone with you.

Dr. Mary Jo Cravata – One of the greatest experts in America on Ayurvedic healing, she has been an Ayurvedic practitioner for more than 30 years. She founded Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s clinic in Fairfield, IA, the first Ayurvedic clinic in the United States. A great expert, she will share with us the 5000 year old tradition of understanding the different “doshas” or body types from the Indian tradition.

And that’s not all…

I will also bring you pre-recorded interviews on video and audio with several other very gifted healers and experts. One will blow your socks off. He was given up for lost as a cripple who would never walk again, and guess what… he is competing in the 2014 Olympics!

So lets get Started Already!!


Ok, so perhaps by now you are as excited as I am to get this quantum healing community off the ground. Lets go!
Here is how this party is gonna happen:
Ursula Kauer :: We will embark together on a 21 day intensive to “honor the body,” starting on Saturday March 2nd
:: For four Saturdays in a row, at 10 am Pacific Time, we will meet for 90 minutes over the phone. You can also join by Skype.
:: You will have a unique personal PIN to join the call live
:: If you cant make the live calls, everything will be recorded and available for you to download later
:: as a registered member of this “honor the body community,” you will also be offered discounts on one-on-one healing with the people I introduce you to
:: You will also get access to a members area, with to a lot of supplementary material
:: We will, together, as a community, integrate simple practices and changes of life style that can be deeply transformative
:: You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can meet other amazing and courageous people from all over the world
:: You will get a short email from me every day with a small suggestion, inspiration or encouragement in your journey of transformation.


Ready? Lets do this thing!


So perhaps by now you are as excited as I am to get this quantum healing community off the ground. Lets go!
Here is how this party is gonna happen:
Ursula Kauer If you are really ready to commit to transforming your relationship to your body and your health in 21 days, then lets jump right in.


To keep this intimate, seats in the “honor the body” community are limited, so jump in when you are ready


As soon as you reserve your spot, you will get an email confirming your place, and giving you instructions on what to do next.
We kick off on March 2nd. It then continues March 9th, 16th, and 23rd.
The price for the course is $147.

You can become an affiliate for this course, and when you refer your contacts, you will receive $50 per referral who registers for the course.  You can enroll here.

Ursula Kauer


We do not plan to offer this again as a live course in 2013.


This combination of information it is not a substitute for medical advice. But it is a proven formula which will allow you to transform your relationship with your body in a way that can become a turning point in your life and your health.


As you can see, this is a comprehensive approach. We are going to talk about diet and lifestyle, about the difference between male and female bodies, and bout your true nature, who you really are, your thoughts and feelings that we often mistake ourselves for, and the physical body. So it’s going to be a unique approach which includes what is often called spiritual, what is often called physical, and what is often called mental. All of these components will be integrated into one.


Time for your questions


Ursula KauerWhat happens if I can’t make a call?

Don’t worry, all of the calls will be recorded and available to you a few hours after they are finished.


Can I share this with a friend?


Each enrollment is for one person, just like a seat in the movies or at a live seminar. The PIN only works for one person and one phone line.

Ursula KauerIf this is so valuable,


why don’t you give this away for free?


We do give many things away for free. All of my writing on the internet is given for free, (which is basically like writing free books), we offer free tele-seminars. We feel that if you compare this to similar programs, it is more than worth the value.


Do you offer scholarships or discounts?


We are so confident and convinced about the value of this material that we will be offering the discount for early payment.